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Walls goin’ up!

The first wall is going up on our new Central Gallery. A team of 120+ Turner Construction staff and subcontractors have begun construction on one of the signature spaces of the renovated Yale Peabody Museum. Designed by Centerbrook Architects and Planners, the new gallery will be home to stnning fossil specimens, living plants, and a …

Not Your Average Peabody Dig Site

Dinosaurs are going IN! Museum staff, the visionaries at Centerbrook Architects, and the hardworking team at Turner Construction Company are making incredible progress on the renovation. We’ve cleared the way and begun construction on our new Central Gallery. In just under three years, we’ll be welcoming you into the new Yale Peabody Museum. We can’t wait to have you back in the building! 

A New Perspective on “The Age of Reptiles”

The #YalePeabodyRenovation is offering up new perspectives on everything here at the Museum, including our world-famous murals painted by Rudolph Zallinger ’42 B.F.A. ’71 M.F.A. “The Age of Reptiles” is 110 feet long, took over five years to complete, earned Zallinger a Pulitzer scholarship, and inspired the original Godzilla! “The unusually close vantage point reveals a wealth …

David Skelly, Peabody Director

From The Director

The Peabody Museum has been part of Yale, and part of New Haven, for more than 150 years. In the 19th Century, the creation of a natural history museum was the science startup of its day, helping Yale evolve from a small college to a major university. Now we are embarking on an effort to …