Partner with the Peabody to Invest in our Future

Since its founding in 1866, Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History has enjoyed worldwide acclaim for its dinosaur skeletons, mammal displays and natural history collections. Today, the Peabody Museum houses more than 13 million specimens and artifacts representing more than 4 billion years of geological, biological and human history. These collections are at the heart of university teaching and are a resource for scholars at Yale and around the world. Beyond its primary role supporting the academic curriculum, the Peabody Museum serves as the primary conduit of Yale science programs to the public, welcoming about 130,000 visitors each year, including many thousands of local school students from across the region. The renovation of the Peabody will create new exhibit galleries, classrooms and study spaces to greatly improve access to the museum’s vast collections for Yale’s faculty and students, as well as the public.

Remodeling and updating the Museum is the highest priority at this time. The foremost goal of the Peabody renovation is to greatly improve the connection between the Museum’s collections and staff with Yale’s teaching and research missions. The renovation and expansion of the Peabody’s facility will add new gallery space that will be constructed to foster more rapid turnover of exhibits. New object study classrooms will provide spaces dedicated to allowing for individuals to further encounter our collections and further work with and learn from our staff.

Renovation Gift Opportunities

Hall of Dinosaurs $20,000,000
Hall of Mammals $10,000,000
Brontosaurus Exhibit $5,000,000
ArchelonTylosaurus Exhibit $3,000,000
Mastodon (Mammut) Exhibit $ 3,000,000
Megacerops Exhibit $3,000,000
Stegosaurus Exhibit $3,000,000
T. rex / Torosaurus / Triceratops Exhibit $2,000,000
Moropus Exhibit $2,000,000
Fossil Halls Permanent Case Displays $100,000 — $500,000
Peabody Renovation and Expansion Group Plaque $75,000 and above

Coming Soon: Opportunities for donor support will be available in additional spaces and exhibits throughout the museum such as: the Central Gallery, galleries focused on the ice age and ancient oceans, museum classrooms and study galleries, a Yale student-curated exhibition space, the museum store, arts and culture galleries, the Discovery Room, the North American Dioramas, a life sciences gallery, an Earth Science gallery, K-12 classrooms and other teaching spaces.

Support for Students in Yale College

The Peabody is actively seeking funds, both current-use and endowment resources, to coordinate the work of the students across ten divisions and to strengthen the use of the Peabody’s collections as part of Yale’s teaching mission. Examples include staff support, sponsoring workshops, short courses, visiting lectures, group trips, and other co- curricular activities designed to connect student experiences more closely with the Museum’s staff and collections.

Peabody Program Funds

Expendable gifts at all levels and endowments of $100,000 or more will be critical for the Peabody to enhance the quality of our programming as part of this major restoration and expansion to the facility. Gifts may support the following areas: Peabody Public Education and Outreach, Peabody Student Programs, Peabody Exhibitions and Displays, Peabody Expeditions and Collections, and the ten Peabody Divisions.

Corporate and Foundation Giving

The Museum’s Corporate and Foundation partners provide vital support for all areas with particular emphasis on the exhibitions and educational programs that draw more than 130,000 visitors, scholars and local residents each year. The Museum welcomes opportunities to discuss the interests of corporations and foundations wishing to explore complementary ideas and goals.



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Now, more than ever, the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History is inspiring new generations of scholars, scientists, and enthusiasts of the natural world, whose interests include dinosaurs, birds, the history of human culture, gems and minerals, insects, plants, the wonders of our universe and more. The treasures housed within our collections greatly enhance teaching and learning, and often are the keys to important scientific discoveries.

For more information on leadership giving opportunities for the Peabody Museum and the renovation, please contact Monty Shepardson at 203-432-0175.

To provide corporate or foundation support, to become a museum member, or inquire about the Peabody’s 1866 Society for leadership annual gifts, please contact Eliza King at 203-432-8233.