Peabody Curators Stimulate Wonder through Science

Meet four Peabody curators redefining their fields and reimagining the Museum during the renovation. Read the YaleNews feature about their research and impact on the new Peabody at the following link:

From L to R: Pincelli Hull, Erika Edwards, Martha Muñoz, and Jessica Thompson

“These are outstanding scholars,” said Peabody Director David Skelly. “Each contributes to developing the museum’s public programming and exhibits, but their research…improves our understanding of how life adapts to an ever-changing world. That scholarship is the bread and butter of a natural history museum.”

The curators don’t just toil in their labs or in the field. They participate in the museum’s public programming, giving talks about their research or working with the museum’s EVOLUTIONS Afterschool Program for local high school students. They also consult with staff on the museum’s exhibits, taking an especially important role in preparing the exhibits the Peabody’s guests will enjoy once its public galleries reopen in 2024.