A New Perspective on “The Age of Reptiles”

The #YalePeabodyRenovation is offering up new perspectives on everything here at the Museum, including our world-famous murals painted by Rudolph Zallinger ’42 B.F.A. ’71 M.F.A.

“The Age of Reptiles” is 110 feet long, took over five years to complete, earned Zallinger a Pulitzer scholarship, and inspired the original Godzilla!

“The unusually close vantage point reveals a wealth of details: blue sky peeking through clusters of brightly colored leaves; reflections on water; blood dripping from the claws of a feasting Allosaurus; individual scales covering the hulking Triceratops; a glint in the Brontosaurus’ green eye.” – Mike Cummings, YaleNews